The role of the Slavs within the Byzantine empire, 500-1018

Michael David Graebner




Michael David Graebner



1943 Born March 26 in Medford, Oregon.


1960 Graduated from Concordia Preparatory School, Bronxville, New York.


1960-62 Attended California Concordia College, Oakland, California.


1962 A.A., California Concordia College.


1962-64 Attended Concordia Senior College, Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


1964 B.A., Concordia Senior College.


1964-68 Attended Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.


1968 B.D. (M. Div.), Concordia Theological Seminary.


1968-75 Graduate work in History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.


1969 A.M. In History.


1969-72 M.D.B.A. Title IV Fellowship, Rutgers University.


1972-73 University Fellowship, Rutgers University.


1972-73 Research at VizantoloŇ°ki Institut, Serbian Academy of Science, Beograd, Jugoslavia.


1973-74 H.E.W. Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers University.


1971-74 Attached to Institut za Balkanistlk, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria.


1974 Fellowship, Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece.


1971 Ph.D. in History.


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