volume XIV, 1991, ą 1


After an interruption of nearly half a century “Macedonian Review” now resumes its life. A stable tribune is restored which, with the strength of science, will defend the truth about the Bulgarians in Macedonia, will prove their national identity landthe character ojtheir epic strugglesforcultural and political independence, will uphold the Bulgarian national spirit in this historically Bulgarian land that has suffered so much. Preserving the good traditions of its predecessor, the revived journal will also reflect the new conditions in which the problems of Macedonia are being solved at present. As an organ of the restored Macedonian Scientific Institute, “Macedonian Review” will contribute to the realization of the goals and tasks of this Institute as laid down in its Statute.

“Macedonian Review” will strive for the spiritual unity of the Bulgarian people by publishing material for rallying the Bulgarian nation, no matter where Bulgarians live and work. This material will morally and scientifically support their striving for the preservaton of their Bulgarian identity and national culture.

“Macedonian Review” will inform public opinion in this country and abroad ofthe forced denationalizaton ofthe Bulgarian population in Macedonia and of the purposeful genocide perpetrated on them by cruel terror and violence. In connection with this the journal will carry a variety of material: articles and notices, topical interviews, travel notes, archival and contemporary documents, etc. The Editorial Board will react to any attempts to dispute the Bulgarian national identity of the population in Macedonia and to any unscientific theories and hypotheses supporting Macedonianism and the “Macedonian” nation artificially created on an anti-Bulgarian basis.

“Macedonian Review” will consistently and uncompromisingly defend the truth about the character of the national struggles in Macedonia, both in the period of the spiritual and educational re vival and during the time of the re volutionary liberation struggles in which chiefly the Bulgarian populaton in Macedonia took part. The journal will refute the falsifications of Bulgarian history and the distortion of separate historical facts, starting with the mystification about the so-called “Macedonian” Kingdom of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuil, up to the present and the unprecedented misinterpretation of testimonies about, and persecution of the Bulgarian national spirit there.

“Macedonian Review” will publish the resultspf objective scientific researches aimed at confirming the Bulgarian character of folk art and creativity, way of life and customs and also of the liberation struggles of the populaton in Macedonia.

“Macedonian Review” will publish studies on the history, ethnography, folklore, culture, education, demography and economy of Macedonia with a view to revealing the processes of development which are in progress


there and to comparing them with similar studies in this country.

“Macedonian Review” will publish different papers connected with the history and cultural life of the Bulgarians in and from Macedonia. The memoirs of eminent or honoured figures and their contemporaries and associates will also find space in it.

Scholars and public figures - emigrants from Macedonia and their descendants - make up the majority of the “Macedonian Review” team of contributers. Besides this, material connected with the goals and tasks of the Macedonian Scientific Institute, written by other competent authors in this country and abroad, will also be published. Let us hope that the development of the democratic process in Central and Eastern Europe will create conditions for the appearance on the pages of the journal the names of authors from the much-suffered parts of Macedonia as well.

“Macedonian Review” will also carry material of a more general nature, linked to the all-round life of the Bulgarian people. The journal will follow up the life of the Bulgarian emigrants from Macedonia, organized in their patriotic, emigrant organizations abroad. For the actualization and enrichment of the information about the life of the emigrants, efforts will be made to attract authors from its circles. In this way the journal will be transformed into a kind of unifyng bridge.

“Macedonian Review” will reflect the scientific research and publishing activity of the Macedonian Scientific Institute, as well as other activities at the Institute: scientific sessions, conferences, seminars, etc.

In the previous annual sets of “Macedonian Review”, original and valuable papers have been published which continue to be of topical interest. In connection with this, in se veral successive n umbers of the present year, the contents of the preceding 13 years will be reflected. This will ensure the fullest continuity between the past and this new beginning in the life of the journal.

The materials published in “Macedonian Review”, will be arranged in several sections: articles and communications; documents and memoirs; reviews, notices and bibliography; news. The articles will be accompanied by brief summaries in English and Russian.

The Editorial Board of “Macedonian Review” hopes that the subjects treated in the journal will be well received both by our emigres and by the entire learned and cultural public in this country. Taking into consideration that the Macedonian Scientific Institute and its medium of publication “Macedonian Review” are self-financed, we rely on material support from patriotic fellow-countrymen and organizations. This assistance will be decisive in archieving the highly humane and noble goals of the Institute. We are convinced that the Bulgarian public will help the transformation of the journal into an important factor of the spiritual unity of the entire Bulgarian people and a true exponent of the truth about Macedonia.

Let us wish “Macedonian Review” good luck.

The Editorial Board

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