volume XIV, 1991, 2


Prof. Boris Yanovski

This article is dedicated to Academic Lyubomir Miletich as a scholar and public figure and consists of notes about him. More precisely, they are a number of notes based on memoirs left at Sofia University where the author researched/[taught] for quite some time. The information revealed makes it possible to visualise Miletich's impressive stature, to outline the highly erudite Slavicist who enjoyed the respect of all eminent Slavicists in the world last century, to feel the dedicated teacher who trained a whole generation of Bulgarian Slavicists active in all fields and to pay tribute to one of the major influences of Sofia University.

Having joined as a lecturer at the University's opening, he strove to raise it to the level of a first-rate national establishment of higher learning and remained closely linked to it until his last years. He distinguished himself everywhere as a firm, principled and objective person true to his ideals. In brief, Miletich emerged as one of those outstanding Bulgarians who, immediately after the liberation from Turkish rule, joined the front ranks of cultural figures who further promoted the great cause of the National Revival - the great cause of all loyal sons of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia.

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